The Tactical Combat System is an extremely effective self-defense system developed by Josh Hummer. This method of self-protection is based on some personal experiences through martial arts, law enforcement and as a Swat operator for Special Operations. It is a progressive and practical system designed to bring out each persons attributes, giving them the skill and confidence to protect themselves in a threatening situation.

The Tactical Combat System is a blend of practical and functional techniques from different Martial Arts that he has trained in for years. Thus, mixing them into one system the student can train in all areas of self-defense – young, old, male or female. Every drill has a proven and effective purpose allowing the student to progress rapidly. The uniquely designed levels have requirements for kicking, striking, grappling, ground and weapons allowing the student to progress at their own pace. As the student completes the levels, their skill will increase. It is a methodical system focusing on mind, body, and spirit for everyday life.

The Tactical Combat System has been truly tested. When the staff and I teach, we teach from our training, but also our experience in real conflict, that way the student gets a much better approach, with realistic results. All of our programs are conducted that way. In summary, the Tactical Combat system is rooted with traditional Martial Arts with a progressive approach from real experiences, making this a true Mixed Martial Arts School.