The boxing class is taught by professional boxer and head striking coach, Mike Doaks. This class is the sweet science of boxing. Class includes basics to advanced level using stance, footwork, slipping, evasion and a variety of punch combinations. Students will utilize heavy bags, focus mitts, speed bags, skipping rope and of course the spider-web. This class is great for street self- defense or those wishing to fight in the ring.


The core foundation of this class is Muay Thai focusing on hands, elbows, knees and feet. Students will spend time in kicking, punching and clinching range. Students will learn a variety of combative combinations, over-lapping the stand-up ranges. As they progress through the levels, Wing Chun and Kali are introduced into trap-boxing. Students that continue through the levels will learn gun take-aways, stick and knife training to make them complete mixed martial arts. Students will spend time using Thai Bags, knee bags, Thai pads, focus mitts and partner training to include sparring. This class is excellent for the street or for those wanting to fight MMA.


The core of this class is no-gi Brazilian Jit-Jitsu and shoot wrestling. Students will learn ground positioning to include – submissions, escapes, controlling positions and getting to your feet. Once students develop solid grappling, they begin takedowns and striking on the ground. This class is excellent for the street or for those wanting to fight MMA.


The children’s program focuses on the 3 P’s; Prevent, Prepare, and Protect. The child learns ways to avoid a fight by seeing signs that prevent it from happening. The child learns to use their brain to resolve the situation by using verbal skills to prepare for bully’s. As a last resort the child learns to protect themselves with self-defense physical skills. Knowing this gives them confidence throughout their life.


This class mirrors the adult program focusing on basic to advance punch and kick combination using focus mitts. Heavy bags and partner drills. Students will have better balance, footwork, hand-eye coordination and stay in shape developing stronger muscles.


This class focuses on the ground. Children will learn how to use proper leverage to get a larger person off of them to get away to their feet. Learning positional grappling allows them to feel more confident if a bully or person takes them to the ground thus, giving the child more confidence. This class focuses on Brazilian Jit-Jitsu and wrestling mirroring the adult class.

Ways to Make Friends with a Bully

Bully Defense Make Friends Use Humor Walk Away Use Cleverness Agree – Let Insults Go Refuse to Fight – the Winner Avoids it Stand up for yourself – say “NO” Scream/Yell Use Authority Reason with the bully Self-defense – Don’t be a victim